We offer the full range of Masta Rugs and accessories, so please contact us for any specific item you may be looking for........

Masta Avante 170 Fixed Neck Turnout

Masta Avante 170 Turnout

Masta Avante 340g Fixed Neck Turnout Rug Grey

Masta Quiltmasta 200g Standard Neck Stable Rug Navy Check

Quiltmasta 200g Standard Neck Stable Rug Navy Check


Climatemasta Fixed Neck Liner Black

Masta Coolmasta Versatile Rug Blue

Great for travelling, in the stable or at shows the Coolmasta will wick moisture away from the skin.

Masta Soft Waffle Weave Rug

Soft waffle weave rug great for use after exercise to absorb moisture.

Masta Ascot Stripe Suede Fleece Rug Gold

Smart enough for shows this is also a fantastic stable rug that will keep your horse feeling cosy on colder nights.

Masta Lycra Shoulder Vest Black

Prevent hair loss & rubbing across the shoulder with this lycra vest.

Masta Zing Fly Mesh Rug Fixed Neck Silver

This fixed neck mesh fly rug offers great value for money and will keep your horse free from fly irritation all summer long.

Masta Avante Fly Mesh Combo Rug Silver

The Masta Avante Fly Mesh Combo Rug is a great combination rug designed to protect your horse from insects come rain or shine.