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These saddles are only available by consultation please call Chris on:

Landline: 01553 617162 or  Mobile: 07867 518716

Email: chris@overafarmstud.co.uk

If your horse is neither low nor high-withered, more of a Mr Average medium withered shape, then this saddle is the answer. Designed to suit the middleweight horse e.g. hunter-type, Cleveland Bay, Irish Draught or well-built Thoroughbred-cross.

This versatile GP has a super-comfy deeper seat that gives you a little extra in-saddle security. A great choice for flatwork, schooling and hacking. Based on a lightweight SimaTree® saddle tree that locates you in the correct central position for balance and control. Easy to care for, with soft, quick-moulding panels for your horse’s comfort. Plus Fish™ inserts for instant and easy width adjustment should he change shape.