Tuffa Nordic Thermal Anti-Slip Boots

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Tuffa Nordic Thermal Anti-Slip Boots

Manufactured specifically for Winter.
This boot will enable you to ride in the toughest conditions by protecting your feet from extreme cold and from the wet.

The sole is made from rubber which is specially formulated not to harden or become slippery in temperatures up to - 10 degrees. 

The breathable micro-fibre upper is stronger than leather and the inside is lined with a waterproof "bootie membrane.

The boots also have Dupont "ComforMax" insulation with a neoprene collar and tongue.

The velcro straps are easy to fasten with gloved hands andalso feature reflective straps to help with visibility.

The rear of the boot also has a reflective panel.


Tuffa Nordic Boots got 10/10 in East Midlands Rider's latest Tried and Tested feature.


Please note due to the layers, the boots tend to be a snug fit. You may consider a larger size.

Upper: Synthetic

Sole: Black rubber
Insulation: Dupont "ComfortMax"

Additional features: Spur rest and reflective strips