ST_2289 Stubben Easy Control Liverpool Driving Bit

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  • Description

Mouth Thickness:
Ring Colour:
Stainless Steel

Stubben Easy Control Liverpool Driving Bit


Benefits of an Easy Control rigid effect:

  • Optimal adaptation through the unique bit-design - flexibility on the sides
  • Enhanced action with minimum pressure on the reins
  • Allows gentle and sensitive aids
  • Enables easier communication between horse and rider
  • Top-class and professional show jumpers inspired us in the development of the Easy Control bit.
  • When using too severe bits however, horses become too cautious, resulting in a lack of speed and power in the jumping course.
  • With the Easy Control bit we have developed a bit which is very effective and has a strong action on demand, yet positioned soft and comfortable in the horse’s mouth.
  • The effect of the bit comes into action gently. When the horse accepts the bit, it lies smoothly between tongue and lower jaw.
  • Only in moments of disobedience, when the horse resists the driver’s aid, the leverage action of the bit is initiated. As soon as the horse backs down and accepts the driver’s aid, the bit acts flexible and soft on the horse’s tongue and bars.
  • With the Easy Control bit drivers have a more effective impact on the horse, requiring less pressure on the reins.
  • Benefit of the 3-Ring GAG

Benefits of the 3-ring Gag:

  • The mouth piece is fixed at the centre ring. Due to this bit design there is a higher cheek pressure which enhances the steering effect. 

Stubben STEELtec quality:

  • No sharp edges that could hurt the horse’s mouth
  • Long durability due to carefully selected materials
  • The unique processing technologies reduce the wear and tear on the bit joints