ST_2283 Stubben 3-Ring STEEL tec 2 in 1 bit

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Mouth Thickness:
Ring Size:
Ring Colour:
Stainless Steel

Stubben Steel tec 2 in 1 3-Ring Snaffle

Benefits of the 2 in 1 Snaffle:

  • If you buckle the more angular side of the bit towards the horse’s tongue, the pressure occurs more selectively. The manual guidance of the rider can therefore be more accurate with quite more effective aids.
  • If you buckle the round side towards the horse’s tongue, the pressure spreads over a larger area. The rounder side of the bit is a good option for sensitive horses.
  • Switching the sides of the bit from time to time prevents a desensitization of the horse’s mouth.
  • If the sign + is visible on the mounting side, the more effective side is in use. If you cannot see the + sign from the mounting side, the softer side is in use.


    Benefits from the 3-ring cheeks:

    • Fastening the Reins to the lower ring will increase the impact on the poll.
    • The 3-gag has proven its value in show jumping, since the unique rings enable a particularly good steering of the horse. This is particularly helpful to horses going against the rider’s hand


    Benefits of Stubben Steel tec:

    • No rough edges
    • Long durability is achieved by using stainless steel for all lateral mouth pieces
    • Bit holes and link pieces don't wear out as fast.