ST_2280 Stubben 3 Ring Gag

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Mouth Thickness:
Cheek Sizes:
Ring Size:
70mm x 130mm
Ring Colour:
Stainless Steel

Stubben 3 Ring Gag
with Sweet Copper lozenge

Benefits of Sweet Copper Link Mouthpiece:

  • Better acceptance because it encourages the horse to chew, thus enhances the saliva production
  • The delicate sweet taste of the middle piece (SWEET COPPER MOUTH) encourages horses to salivate because their taste buds are situated in the centre of the tongue
  • Massive copper composition (90% Copper, 7% Iron + Aluminum, No Nickel) with very high strength (stronger than Argentan)
  • Horses feel good with Sweet Copper

Benefits of Double Jointed Mouthpiece:

  • No painful pressure on the gums
  • Even and mouth-friendly distribution of pressure from the reins on tongue and bars.
  • Better acceptance by the horse
  • No nutcracker effect
  • Facilitates communication between horse and rider

Benefits from the 3-ring cheeks:

  • Fastening the Reins to the lower ring will increase the impact on the poll.
  • The 3-gag has proven its value in show jumping, since the unique rings enable a particularly good steering of the horse. This is particularly helpful to horses going against the rider’s hand

Stubben STEELtec quality:

  • No sharp edges that could hurt the horse’s mouth
  • Long durability due to selected materials
  • The unique processing technologies reduce the wear and tear on the bit joints