ST_2260 Stubben Golden Wings Gag 4in1

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Mouth Thickness:
Ring Size:
65mm - 70mm
Ring Colour:
Stainless Steel

Stubben Golden Wings Gag 4 in 1
with Sweet Copper Mouth

Mouth thickness:
Ring size:
4.5inch / 115cm
5inch / 125cm
5.25inch / 135cm
5.75inch / 145cm

Benefits of a Golden Wings Gag:

  • The ultimate safeguard for your horse's mouth
  • 100% pinchless - gentle and sensitive
  • No Nutcracker effect
  • Enables rider to give a direct response from the outside of the horse's mouth.
  • Large discs (safeguard plates) offer optimal protection to horse's mouth, especially the corners.
  • Combines the advantages of a loose ring, gentleness, and direct, yet soft action.
  • The discs (safeguard plates) ensure that the bit always remains in the correct position in the horse's mouth.
  • The Golden Wing snaffle is easily accepted, especially by inexperienced horses.

Benefits of Sweet Copper Mouthpiece:

  • Better acceptance because it encourages the horse to chew, thus enhances the saliva production
  • The delicate sweet taste of the middle piece (SWEET COPPER MOUTH) encourages horses to salivate because their taste buds are situated in the centre of the tongue
  • Massive copper composition (90% Copper, 7% Iron + Aluminum, No Nickel) with very high strength (stronger than Argentan)
  • Horses feel good with Sweet Copper