Stubben Saddle Guide

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Standard Models 
D = Dressage
VSD = All purpose - emphasis on dressage, pleasure riding and endurance
VSS = All purpose - emphasis on jumping and cross-country
S = Jumping

Stubben Saddle Seats
CS = Jumping saddles; half-deep seat, square cantle and ling tree points
NT = Jumping saddles; flat seat, square cantle, narrow twist and short tree points
II = Jumping saddles; flat seat, square cantle and short tree points

Stubben blocks and knee rolls
MF = Jumpings saddle; high triangular front knee rolls, rear block
MF Spezial = Jumping saddle; big front and rear blocks, saddle flap moulded over high front block
DL = VSD/D saddle; high, anatomically shaped knee rolls for ideal leg position, extra supple kneepad for additional comfort.