Stubben BIOMEX - Saddle seat Technology

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Stubben BIOMEX - Saddle seat Technology

The Biomex saddle seat is available for all models except Junior models. Stubben UK carry Biomex seats in stock in our their Genesis range including the deep seat dressage D, a half deep jumping saddle S and a VSD general purpose.

The STÜBBEN-Biomex seat has been developed in collaboration with the „Biomex“ technology centre Klinic Gut in St. Moritz Switzerland and the support of professional riders. This leading Hospital centre specialises in orthopaedics, accident care, specifically relative to sporting activities. The Biomex seat allows the rider to sitand ride in a manner that is healthy and uniquely relieves strain on the back.

Back pains are civilization’s number one ailment.

About 80-90 % of people in Western industrial nations have suffered back pains at least once in their lives. Riders sometimes complain about back pains, approximately 23.8 % actually have back pains while riding and 55.2 % after riding.

There are various reasons for back pains.
When riding, back pain can come from the increased axial load on the back during the various gaits and from incorrect posture. It may be possible to prevent incorrect posture with this new saddle seat technology.