The Performance Girth - Fairfax Long Girth Narrow FGILONGNG

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The Performance Girth - Narrow Gauge for horses/ponies with less than 22cm between front legs.

Designed specifically to fit those horses (and most ponies) with a narrower rib cage.

To check whether a horse falls into the narrow gauge category, measure the flat area between the horse’s elbows.

If the measurement is less than 20cm then the narrow gauge version is needed to ensure a perfect fit between the front legs.

Kept secret to give a competitive advantage to Team GBR

Greatly reduces pressure

Increases hock flexion

Increases front leg extension

Improves neatness over fence

Greatly reduces pressure

Increases power on take-off

Improves gait symmetry

The only girth to have been tested in conjunction with the BEF

During squad training, Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis was used to test the effect of the girth on the horse's performance. With up to 33% improvement in forelimb protraction and general range of motion of every elite horse was tested against the results compared to the horse's own girth

Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics "The only girth to have been designed with Pliance

Pliance pressure mapping technology was used to identify the exact location of high-pressure zones under the girth. The readings were then used to design the performance girth, which is proven to reduce peak pressures by as much as 82%"

Design Details

• Lined with Prolite – known for its ability to distribute pressure, absorb impact and prevent rubbing

• New construction method allows the Prolite edge “to float” so the horse’s muscles can move underneath, rather than bang against

• Combination of the contour and the cushioning creates a buffer zone and prevents a “hard” edge

Horses increasingly adjust to the reduced level of restriction and discomfort, so movement continues to improve if the girth is used for schooling and competition.

Use & Care

• All styles of girth must be used in the direction indicated on the girth i.e. with the central curved section facing forwards.

• Martingales, breastplates, training aids etc. must be connected to the central loop, not passed between the girth and the horse.

• Wipe sweat off the girth immediately after use and use leather feeder regularly to maintain the softness of the leather. • When not in use, always detach the girth and lay on top of the saddle so the curvature is maintained.

• For best results, use during competition and schooling.

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