The Performance Girth - Fairfax Dressage Girth FGIDRESS

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(Patent: GB110213432 Design reg: 001839028)

Kept secret to give a competitive advantage to Team GBR

Increases the horse’s performance by:

• Dramatically reducing pressure

• Significantly increasing range of movement

• Eliminating gait asymmetry

The only girth to have been tested during its development in conjunction with the BEF World Class Programme

During squad training, Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis was used to test the effect of the girth on the horse's performance.

“We recorded up to 33% improvement in forelimb protraction and general range of motion of every elite horse we tested” *

*results were compared to the horse's own girth Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics*

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