Bucas Power Cooler

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The Power Cooler is a high performance, light weight multi-purpose blanket that is ideal as a sweat blanket, travel blanket, competition and light stable blanket.

The Power Prize Cooler is ideal as a prize blanket as it has no surcingles or belly strap and can be easily embroidered.

  • Single layer Stay-Dry fabric wicks moisture away and ensures that the horse is always dry
  • Low friction outer finish minimises the amount of bedding material from sticking.
  • Shoulder darts ensure an excellent fit and plenty of shoulder room
  • Overlap front provides comfort and protects from front straps and fasteners.
  • Detachable elastic straps on the inside to keep the rug in place
  • Fillet String included
  • Attachments for leg straps


Single layer blanket, no separate lining


Power Cooler: Black with black/silver trim, Navy with navy/silver trim

Power Cooler Full Neck: Black with black/silver trim, Navy with navy/silver trim

Prize C ooler: Navy with navy/gold trim

Special Seasonal Colours:

Spring 2013: Lake Blue with blue/silver trim, Coral Pink with pink/silver trim


Classic cut: 85 – 170 / 3’6” – 7’2” / 42” – 86”

Full Neck: 125 – 165 / 5’6” – 7’0” / 66” – 84”