Kent & Masters Dressage Moveable Block

  • Description

These saddles are only available by consultation please call Chris on:

Landline: 01553 617162 or  Mobile: 07867 518716


Generous breadth of panel, wide gullet and open-headed tree make this saddle easy to fit. Large moveable thigh block can be positioned to give the rider the required support. Three adjustable girthing options ensure saddle stability.

The ideal choice for a horse with an average height wither

Built on a SimaTree saddle tree shaped to give wither clearance

Tree positions the rider centrally for a balanced dressage position

Luxurious hide knee pads and seat ensure maximum rider support and comfort

Suitable for flatwork and all levels of dressage

Colour: Black

Seat Size: 17”, 17½”

Changeable Gullet: R-Bar