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Safety standards, such as BSEN 1384, are typically revised every 5 years, but not every revision results in significant changes. The review process for BSEN 1384 was underway for some years and there was a revision in 2012. Since the 2012 revision, a deemed lack of progress towards consensus on whether the standard should be changed further has led to the unfortunate situation where the standard has been withdrawn. We at Champion are dismayed that this has happened, because we know for a fact that BSEN 1384 hats offer excellent protection and have lessened injuries and saved countless lives over many years. Hats certified to BSEN 1384 are on average lighter and more ventilated than those certified to PAS015:2011.

The withdrawal of the standard does not affect riding hats already available in the marketplace or riding hats being worn. It simply means that we as manufacturers can no longer produce new batches of hats that are only certified BSEN 1384. However, wholesalers and retailers can continue to sell hats that have already been manufactured to BSEN 1384 indefinitely. Here at Champion we operate a policy of continual development and improvement and British Standards Institute test results show that, on average, the Champion range of BSEN 1384 hats and helmets exceeded the requirements of the BSEN 1384 test by 30%. Champion was the first manufacturer to make hats to the British PAS015 standard and we have been manufacturing a large selection of PAS015 hats for over 20 years. We will continue to manufacture and expand our extensive range of Champion PAS015 hats and helmets as these are totally unaffected by the standard withdrawal, and 2015 has seen Champion launch a number of exciting new styles, all certified to PAS015.

At Champion we are immensely proud of our British heritage, and all our riding hats and body protectors are manufactured here in the UK. As a result, we have been able to respond very quickly to the withdrawal of the BSEN 1384 standard and new batches of our former BSEN 1384 models have been re-certified and are now being made to PAS015. To help minimise confusion, styles such as the timeless classic ‘Euro Deluxe’ Helmet and the ever popular ‘Junior X-Air’ Hat (which were both BSEN 1384) are now called ‘Euro Deluxe Plus’ and ‘Junior X-Air Plus’ and are being made to PAS015. We have adopted this approach to help retailers and consumers quickly understand if they are looking at a BSEN 1384 model or a PAS015 model of essentially the same product. There is a quick reference guide on the reverse of this page to help you locate a replacement PAS015 product for a BSEN 1384 hat, should you wish to purchase a hat that is certified to PAS015.

A rider purchasing a new hat to use for competition activities should check with their own riding association for the latest information on their individual requirements, we have listed numerous associations’ current positions on the reverse of this page to assist. A rider who requires a hat for a number of competition activities in 2016 and beyond should consider a PAS015 model. However for all non-competition riding activities, riders can wear a BSEN 1384 indefinitely. Leisure riders can purchase whichever hat they feel suits them best, with the correct fit and condition of the hat being of paramount importance. Here at Champion we recommend that all hats are replaced on average every three years. If you ride daily your hat should ideally be replaced annually, to ensure that it is always in the best possible condition should you need the safety that a good condition, well-fitting hat that provides.

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