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Kinder, but no less effective than a standard spur, the Spursuader is perfect for the sensitive horse or novice rider, as well as those with more experience. Its unique patented design provides a kinder training aid, resulting in less tension, less stress, and a better ride for horse and rider. 

Ground-breaking in form and function Spursuader is 
gentler but no less effective than traditional spurs. 

Made especially for the sensitive horse, or the rider with 
the uneducated lower leg, Spursuader provides a kind, 
persuasive training aid for your horse.

The spur is designed by Linda Hauck, a level 2 Equine 
Canadian-sanctioned coach, “The reason I developed 
this spur was in large part my experience riding sensitive 
horses, particularly Thoroughbreds. How they overreacted 
to a traditional spur, how some would get tense right away 
when they knew you were wearing a spur or watching
a horse get inadvertently “spurred” by a rider with an 
insecure lower leg.

That got me thinking that there must be another way to 
get our point across to the horse without offending or creating 
tension in that horse.” Whether you are an experienced rider 
or a novice, Spursuader’s rounded edges and larger contact 
area will give you an excellent response from your horse without
jabbing or irritating them. That means less tension, less stress, 
and a better rider for the both or you.

Three-time Olympian Peter Gray said, “I love the Spursuader.
My two sensitive mares are so responsive to them! The design 
of Spursuader is gentle but so effective in getting horses going 
happily forward.” Spursuader is the only spur on the market 
with this design. Currently allowed in the UK by British Dressage 
and Hurlingham Polo Association.

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