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As you will have read already, you are now able to choose your binding colour. In addition, we are pleased to advise that in response to worldwide market demand, we are now able to offer you the possibility (entirely optional) to choose from no less than 42 beautiful piping colours. Not only that, but we will not limit you to one piping. As shown in the diagram below for numnahs, saddlepads and rugs you can choose upto 3 pipings in any colour combination. For ear bonnets, you can choose upto 2 pipings. The construction sequence is binding, piping 1, piping 2, piping 3. It is not possible to order piping 2 without piping 1 or piping 3 without piping 1 and piping 2. Of course, you may order just 1 piping, piping 1 and 2 or all 3 pipings where applicable. The possibility exists therefore to fully customise your product, perhaps even to your club colours?

This service increases our cost of production but we have kept this to a minimum, we want you to enjoy your purchase. As you select each option when placing your order the final cost of your product will be displayed very clearly allowing you to mix and match your choice according to your budget as well as your enthusiasm.

Enjoy your selections

piping diagram

Pipings are positioned as follows:-

  • 1st piping next to the binding tape
  • 2nd piping inside the 1st piping
  • 3rd piping inside the 2nd piping

Any combination of piping colours may be selected.

piping colours

Please note colours shown above are reproduced as faithfully as possible. We regret we are unable to give 100% true reproduction, this depends upon your monitor settings.