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Our Spinefree® design prevents any pressure in the wither area and along the spine. Combined with our Saddle-fix® it guarantees the exact positioning of the Numnah / Saddlepad into the gullet of the saddle.

This design feature is now standard for the majority of our Numnahs and Saddlepads. Where it is not, this is made clear on the individual product pages.

If, for whatever reason, you wish to order your product without our Spinefree® design, we are happy to provide you with your Numnah / Saddlepad with sheepskin throughout the spinal area at no extra cost. Please be sure to tell us if you do not want Spinefree® in the “Special instructions / additional information regarding your order” box which will be displayed to you prior to confirming your order. If you have ordered more than one Numnah / Saddlepad please be sure to tell us which (or all) of the products that should not be Spinefree®. Thank you!