Myler Ported Barrel Eggbutt with Hooks 89-30335/7

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  • Description
The Myler ported barrel eggbutt with slots has a curved mouthpiece with 1 1/4" port and centre barrel for independent side movement. The 30 33 is a Myler bit designed for a a well schooled horse, having a direct action, putting downward pressure on top of bars. This Myler bit does not collapse and does not use tongue pressure. The ported barrel eggbut is a Myler bit useful for polite horses with big or damaged tongues due to the lack of tongue pressure. The 30 cheek is an eggbutt style cheek but with slots for the reins and cheek pieces to go through. This gives this Myler bit the ability to apply a little poll pressure and there are also two small holes to accept hooks for a curb chain if required. The Myler eggbutt with slots is a very versatile bit and gives a much clearer action and release than traditional bits, which results in the horse understanding the rider more quickly and consistently.
Myler eggbutt with hooks ported barrel 30 33 features:
  • Curved mouthpiece with 1 1/4" port and centre barrel for Independent Side Movement
  • Direct action bit, puts downward pressure on top of bars. No collapse, no tongue pressure
  • Black and white action due to the slotted eggbutt cheek allows the rider and horse far better communication
  • Suitable for really well-mannered finished horses
  • Myler level: 3
  • Bit strength: fairly mild