Rugs, Travel Etc

Shires rugs and traveling equipment offers excellent quality, combined with real value for money products and up to date design and colours. There is a huge range of goods, not all may be listed on the website, so please contact us for any particular item required.

Shires StormCheeta Combo

Shires Winter Typhoon 300 Combo

Shires Tempest Plus 300 Combo

Shires Tempest Plus 300

Shires Tempest Plus 200 Combo

Shires Tempest Plus 200

Shires Tempest Original 100 Turnout

Shires Tempest Original Lite Turnout

Shires Highlander Original 100

Shires Highlander Foal Rug

Shires Miniature Highlander

Shires Tempest 100g Stable Combo