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Dear Chris and Andrea
I don’t know whether you will remember me  – I was a very novice first-time prospective horse owner hoping to buy a horse from you. Anyway, you very wisely said you would not be happy to sell me the very lively black gelding that I so wanted because being a Mum of two small boys, you quite rightly pointed out that he would not be a safe choice. However, Obbi (Oblix) was being ridden by another buyer and Andrea pointed out that he would be a safe choice for me – and you were so right!
I moved to a small livery yard last October with three other very experienced owners and have not looked back since. One in particular has taken me under her wing and we have come on leaps and bounds. The hacking is excellent and she has had us galloping confidently and tacking-up and rugging-up loosely in the stable. During the last three weeks, we have come 2nd in our first Preliminary Dressage Test (69%) and Obbi would have easily won it but for my mistake and inexperience and on Sunday we WON our first Novice Jumping Class this year – two seconds faster than 2nd place in the jump off! It was one of the best days of my life.
Since I bought Obbi, I have had to put up with all you warned me about and more, but finally finding someone who themself owns a beautiful big thoroughbred and who has been generous enough to pass on her experience and expertise has enabled me to realise my lifelong dream of winning a show jumping class.
Hope to see you very soon at one of your events to show you what we can do.
Best wishes.
Denise and Obbi
P.S. I have discovered that Obbi’s sire was none other than the great KWPN Olympic Dressage horse Ferro – but I keep that one quiet!

Hi Chris and Angie
Just thought I would update you on the current hunters from yourselves.
Punk had a groom hunt him last season, I rode him a couple of times, a bit green for me. I fieldmastered off him this week and took him to opening meet today in Leicestershire jumping everything, he was bril.
Amadeus didnt hunt last season, has evented this summer, is now novice and got 1 point. I fieldmastered off him a couple of times out cubbing early on this season, he is currently having a rest, then shoes back on to hunt.
Lucca Nicky cubbed him a couple of times before F&M stopped us. I took him cubbing last week, he was fine. Nicky took him to opening meet today, jumping Fu*k off hedges and loves him.
So the story is, 3 out of the 5 hunters in we have in this year have come from you, we are very happy with all 3, as I have with all the horses I have had from you, and if you need a reference, just ask. 
Thought you might like some feed back, I hope all is well with yourselves.
David Bellamy

Hi Chris
Just a quick email to say thank you for everything, Lotto has been amazing!!!!!!!!!!! He settled in straight away, he is the most polite horse I have ever met! He has a little eye infection at the moment so was worried about having to clean it up and put the ointment in but he just stands there letting me do anything I need to. He’s the last horse out and last one in and the most I will get is a whinny but other than that he just stands and waits for his turn. His flat work is coming on, it is quite deep in the school but he is adapting well and as I said he is just a dream! So thank you to you and Angie for all of your help and finding me my perfect horse!! He certainly won’t be coming back unless we are coming to visit!

hi Chris,
just thought i would email you to say how we are getting on with dale. he has been perfect every since he arrived , jumping all fillers we have faced him at and his first hack at ours he had deer jumping out at him as well as the rain and wind in his face , but still never put a foot wrong. he went to a Suffolk hunt pony club rally and jumped everything first time again including all the xc fences, although unsure
about jumping into the water!! he has been everything you said he was and more, within days he was part of the family. thankyou for everything.    ~Yvonne and Toni~


Hi Chris and Angie,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and let you know how Cody has settled in. He arrived Tuesday afternoon as you know and was wormed that night so only went out Saturday morning. The farm he is being kept on currently only has one other pony kept there - Barley aged 22. Althought Cody stayed in at first, Barley is in at night - their stables are next to each other and they have a window between the two so they soon got to know each other so being turned out was no issue. Cody also has no problem with the mad Lab, chickens and turkeys on the farm! I have lunged him a bit and hacked him out gently (till I get his shoe replaced!) and he has been a star! Friday night we saw lorries, tractors, cows in field, sheep in field etc. etc. and he didn't bat an eyelid. It is the first time I have owned a horse and he has been so laid back that he has made it really easy. Again, thank you so much for your help in finding him and looking after him while I got over my op - so much appreciated. I would certainly recommend your yard and your honest assessments of your horses to anyone.  Nic


Hi Chris and Angie
Hi guys just to let you know i have settled in my new home, its great i have a full tummy and am surrounded by females well theres one old boy of 34 but hey no contest with my good looks. My new mum is great we have been hacking with another friend and i have seen everything from lorries to jcb's, ducks, deers and i have been splashing about in the river. once i leave my friend half a mile away i walk down a main road just me and mum and i have acted like a true pro. A really big thanks for finding my new mum we love each other loads, i even say hello when she turns up which i think she likes, she's told me i have a fetish though, i have a thing about buckets can't help it have to pick one up every-time i see one ( hoping someone might fill it with food really ) Thanks again but i am not planning on coming back no offence. Mums getting me a new trailer next month and we have lots of trips planned really looking forward to a good summer, having jumping lessons too bye for now
Tom and Carol
PS Thanks for everything you did to make everything so easy and Tom is all that you said he was and more. Carol

HI Chris and Andrea,
Just thought i would let you know how maddie is getting on!! She is lovely to ride, she has settled in really well and i have now started having fun again!! We have had her just over a month now and she has come 1st and 2nd at her last 2 shows. Already i have started re-gaining my confidence and i cannot thank you enough, without maddie i would have given up riding!!
Thank you
Love Jess and Maddie x x x x x


hiya chris and andrea.

just writing to tell you how we're getting on with orielle (now known as velvet). we have had her nearly 2 weeks now, and things are going really well. she's so sweet natured, and is really lovely to ride. me and my mum have both been riding her in the school, and this week, i have started jumping her and my mum has started hacking her out.
she has settled in really well, and me and my mum love her so much already, even my dad really likes her - and trust me, thats a miracle (haha)!!!!!! me and velvet are going to start going to shows soon - cant wait!!!!!!
thank you so much for everything!!!!!!! love katie, jackie and velvet xxxxxxxx


Sabina V is still progressing well and strengthening up, she has attracted many offers at recent shows- but I will keep her as she is growing into a lovely, quality mare, as you thought she would. She has qualified for the Blue Chip Discovery finals and won the Equissage Discovery class last Saturday at Merrist Wood, so is being kept busy. She is now with Paul Adams based in Maidenhead so is also in a successful yard , who is represented at most of the local shows- Paul loves her to bits ! I am very pleased that I came to you for advise and thank you for all the assistance that you provided in helping me make the right purchase.
Hope Didget is blooming and all your other ventures are doing well. Best Regards,  John.Macklin


Dear chris
It is always a difficult and is a life changing decision to buy a horse and then perhaps even more difficult to find your perfect friend, for us living in france and are lambing we new it was going to be difficult to find the right lifetime friend who would fit into our family and lifestyle it was not going to be possible for us to travel hundreds of miles to view horses that were never as they were described in the adverts, that is where you have come into your own chris, I had to put 110% trust in you to what you were telling me and you never let us down, with all your help and support omar has arrived safely and with a few wobbly nerves from me and again your kind words of support, you did everything your end for us from matching us to omar and supplying and fitting our beautiful tack and rugs,
We are over the moon with omar he everything and more, its still early days yet but he has settled in more and is as you described him.
Just an absolute enormous thank you it has been an emotional rollercoster, we are now looking forward to the spring and building a great partnership with our new family friend. to everyone at overa farm thank you. your website is brilliant and I would most defiantly recommend you to anyone who asks and I am sure they will as omar is beautiful.I will keep in touch.
kimberly and Omar in france

Hi Chris and Andrea
So sorry I haven't written to you sooner but things are so busy now Wills has joined the family. He has settled in so well, quite a character, always looking for trouble! When asked to work though he is showing so much potential and is always wanting to please. We are hoping to do some dressage in the summer, so will keep you informed of how we get on. Many thanks once again for your help, he is my superstar!!! Lindsey Cutler.

Hi Chris & Andrea,
Sorry it's taken so long to email you guys but with Christmas & holidays, it's been very hectic !!!! Well so far so good Faxi - now Aragorn has been a complete Star,he has settle in very well & slowly his character is coming out !! Also, he is starting to go beautifully on the flat - a real little dressage horse in the making !!! We are hoping to get out this summer & do some competitions so fingers X. We are due out next week for our first hack in the forest, i wanted him to be settled first & for me to have confidence in him before we headed out into the big wide world !!! so again fingers X !!! Although i'm sure he will be fine, he has a very quiet calm persona about him, i really adore him. I will forward some pictures in the summer hopefully at a show,. Thanks for all your help & good service etc...... i will recommend you to anyone i know looking for a horse. Kind regards

Dear Chris and Andrea. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for all your help with finding me Somersby. I have name her summer for short. Summer is a wonderful horse, I enjoy everyday going to look after her and ride. She has settled in really well in her new home, with all the horses and people, everyone loves her. She has been brilliant to ride in the school and out on hacks. I will keep you updated on shows that I will take her to. Many thanks Sam.

Well after 3 months of owning Stevie, I thought I had best update you on how we are doing. Stevie has proved everything we bought him for, in the short time we have had him, he has been to 2 minimus jumping shows and both myself and Amy have jumped him, only over tiny fences, but considering you know we are confirmed non jumpers thats fantastic, and hope to get confidence to go higher (Amy jumps him higher at home) he has proved to be totally unfussed about fillers and whatever, and has had a bash at c/c practice over minimus fences and a few novice fences as well, being well behaved with other horses. He got just over 60% in his first 2 dressage tests (only ones so far) so hopefully we can improve on that, and have him affiliated next year to run alongside my other horse.
We have even been showing, and he was very well behaved, just one inhand class, but hopefully next year we can get out to some proper Hunter classes. He has proved so unflappable out hacking as well, which is where another one of my scaredy cat areas was, and is totally unfussed about most things, (Im sure spooking and stuff requires to much energy). Im very pleased with him, he has become a cheeky boy and needs a few ground rules still setting, but we are still getting to know one another and he knows he can
use his build to his advantage, but he has a wonderful temprement and is not nasty or anything, and everyone who knows him likes him, and comments on how honest he is :) So thankyou to you and Angie, for having a great selection for us to look at of lovely horses, even though we only ended up trying Stevie, we knew he was the one :) I have attatched some pics, feel free to use whatever
you want to on the website :) Regards  Chelle


Hi Chris and Andrea,
Well its been just over a year since I brought the lovely Butch, the extremely hairy little black cob you had standing in the field. This was the best decision I ever made! I fell in love with his little face and kind eyes and since talking him home in May last year we have never looked back. If you can remember I was a 30-something mum returning to riding after many years and Diva the temperamental massive chestnut mare was not the right horse for me. At first we were all dubious about Butch - now called Teddy, as he was two and still such a baby. However, this proved the best decision I ever made. I had lessons for the year riding lots of different horses belonging to friends and also spent that precious year bonding with Teddy and teaching him some manners and ground rules.
This Easter we decided to back and break him, and what's even more amazing I have been doing this myself under guidance of course from my instructor and friends. Teddy has proved to be such a gentle lad with a massive heart and a will to do anything to please. He was a pussycat to back and his schooling is coming on leaps and bounds. Of course he does have his cob moments!!!
We hogged Teddy last month and as you can see he has filled out in his frame now and looks wonderful. We have showed him in-hand twice and both times been placed and more importantly has been so well behaved on the day. Here he is after winning 4th in Youngstock and special award for "Best 3 Year old" with my friend. His show name by the way is "Teddy Bares All".We are now aiming for our first Dressage competition in January - very scarey, for me more than Teddy. Hopefully we will also be doing some Ridden cob classes next year too. Anyway - I just wanted to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for letting me own such a wonderful horse. Teddy is my horse of a lifetime and I couldn't now imagine my life without him.  Faye Low and Teddy xxxxx

Hi Chris,
Thanks for selling us Horus, hes turned out to be a real gem. At first he was so nervy but now hes settled in well and looking rather good, We have done quite a bit of cross country lately, hes going so well. He does enjoy going out to shows and loves his fast hacks, mostly galloping. Thought you might like to see a picture of us at Poplar Park, cross country about a month ago. He was so good. Thanks once again Kelsey and Chloe.

Hi Chris,
Thanks to you I have a wonderful horse and a showjumping future to look forward to. When I tried King at Overa you were understanding, supportive and helped me deal with my nerves. Overa is a great place, you have great horses and you do a great job. Many thanks and my very best wishes. Janet.

Hi Chris,
Just thought I would give you a quick update on Minstrel, we had a few problems initially getting to competitions as Minstrel was OK in the lorry but wasn’t at all keen on the trailer I bought instead but a month of quiet practise has got us back on track and in the last week he came 2nd. and 3rd. in his first two show jumping competitions. Beki adores him and he has proved to date a really excellent introduction to horses and he belies his build which is a little chunky with some agile flat work and sprightly jumping.
Best Regards, Tony

Its been 18months since we bought Poynt so I thought it about time I let you know how we are getting along. When we told you what we wanted for our first horse you both looked at each other and said in unison "POYNT". How right you were. As Clair has ridden for years and I am most definately a novice, its quite an achievement to find us just the right horse. He is such a gentle soul so laid back and easy going ( especially in the school!! ). And he is in love!!!! When we bought him we also acquired a thoroughbred mare, Maddie, that Clair used to ride on the newmarket gallops. Now if they are out of sight of each other for more than a few moments the shouting is deafening. He loves his jumping and has been patiently teaching me! And we have had some great fun out hacking. What a feeling galloping along to keep up with the girls. Up til now he has had an easy time ( sometimes he seems to think he is in a holiday camp ) but with luck the plan is to do a show or two maybe followed by a bit of cross country later in the summer and a 15 mile sponsored ride in September. With optional jumps so that should be fun! I will keep you posted on how we do. A big THANKYOU
Paul & Clair

Hi Chris,
I wanted to let you know how Tish continues to do. We won the Winter Series Dressage Championships - Prelim level - at Oldencraig Equestrian Centre on Saturday. She's now got her first prize money to her name (£35 in vouchers) and I'm just delighted with her and so proud how far she's come in her first season of competing and all before her 6th birthday (which is today)!!
I saw on your website that you have sold Tish's half-sister. I hope they enjoy bringing her on as much as I am enjoying Tish. If Caz is anything like Tish then they have made an excellent choice in buying her. Hope all is going well.
Kind regards,

its Teri Hollie and Chloe here, we bought carvin from you, we are very glad we did as he i lovely and wouldnt ask for anything more!
we have had him around about 8-9 months now, have taken him out to a few shows, now very much ready for the season, and already have a few dressage events lined up to take him to as have found to be quite the dressage star! not only dressage but his jumping has come on alot and will be hopefully taking him out to a couple of events in the near future, still working on his jumping to get him top notch!, have encolsed a few pictures of him, this is just really to say thankyou for getting us a brilliant horse, Regards Teri, Hollie and Chloe Stocks X

Hi Chris
Just thought I would let you know how Kris, the chestnut mare we bought from you almost a year ago is getting on. Kris has come on in leaps and bounds since I have had her, she is now registered with British Eventing as 'Kristiana Gold' so if you go on and search for her name this seasons results will appear after each event she does. Her first event is on the 9th April @ Larkhill; she will compete in the Intro class, but I will not be riding her as one of my college lecturers has taken a great liking to her and is going to compete her for 1/2 a season, then I will ride her. This weekend she is going to compete in BSJA British Novice and maybe Discovery, so I will keep you posted. Thank you so much for selling us an excellent horse and we are hoping that by the end of the season she will have done some pre-novices and novices, just keep checking the BE website, thanks again
Hilary Boss


Hi Chris, I thought I had better let you know how I am getting on, Ang was so right when she said to me if you have anything less than Orlando you will get bored. I now realise thats why I wanted a change from Anina. I have ridden as often as possible with work commitments and he has not put a hoof out of place. I feel very confident riding him , he has chilled out remarkably in the stable. He gets on with my other two in the field but does like to strut his stuff when first turned out, My friends are very impressed with his presence and action. One minor mishap on my part, I had left some electric tape out in the field unconnected on investigating he got a leg caught up in it, but did not panic, just stood there while I disconnected it all and untangled his leg. Because of this and other things I have named him Diamond Geezer.
I love him to bits Thank you x a million. Regards Mary J

Hope you are both well and business is good... We just wanted to say how grateful we are for your help and support in selling Max for us. As you know Max meant the world to us and you really did a great job finding him for us! We thoroughly enjoyed the years we had together, he was a wonderful challenge and companion. Unfortunately due to Mum's death and the extra responsibilities with Father it was necessary for us to part and we cannot stress strongly enough how grateful we are for your help in finding him a new home. We think of him often and miss him terribly. I hope he is happy in his new home and I am sure he will wangle his way deeply into the hearts of his new owners. He was such a perfect horse who gave his all in every situation. Thank you once again for your help and support. We cannot speak highly enough of Overa and the excellent care and service provided by you and Angie. One day we will return to the horse owning fraternity and will only buy with confidence from you!
Best wishes
David (and Chris)

Hi Chris!!!
Hope you had a good break in the BIG APPLE!!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! so much for Will. We love him too bits!!! he is a real gentle giant and he has settled in really quickly. We had to move to another yard last Thursday and Will has just taken it all in his stride. Mark is really getting on with him and learning to handle him. He can now change a rug and groom and pick his feet out. We are so pleased with the Tack too (to be honest I'm scared to get it dirty, ha ha). We had a laugh with Will's rugs though. The indoor just about fits him at the front but the NZ doesn't fit him at all. We had to get him a 7'0 but it all worked out as Caprice ended up keeping the glam one for herself. Anyway, thank you so much again!!! I have already recommended you to a couple of people looking for Horses. Please give my thanks to your daughter, who was marvellous too. Kind Regards, Jo & Mark


Dear Chris
It has been 2 years since I bought Pinocchio from you. He is now going very well and has qualified for the 2nd round Trailblazers Dressage Championships at both Prelim and Novice level. He got 68% in his prelim test and 62% in the Novice (this was his first ever Novice comp and he came 3rd). He has also qualified for the Baileys Horse Feeds Winder Dressage Championships, again in both Prelim and Novice. He got 73.5% and came 2nd in the Prelim test and 70.37% and came 1st in his Novice test (this was his socond Novice comp). The judge of the Novice comp was very impressed with him and said he could 'go to the top' - he beat everyone else by over 10%. The Championship is on 1st April next year so will let you know how he gets on. When he first started competing a year ago he was very green and was quite spooky. Luckily he now enjoys his competitions and is very laid back. Many thanks for your help in choosing him - he is a superb horse in every way and is very affectionate. He can also jump superbly, although I do not jump he finds it quite amusing to 'pop' over our gates from time to time. He only does it when he gets turned out and I think he is just trying to tell me he which field he wants to be in. Once he is in the field he is quite happy to stay there, he also never jumps the fencing - just the 5 bar gates. I may get a friend to take him show jumping next year to see how he does - watch this space.
Jan Bonnington

hi chris just to tell you popeye had a silver medal in the welsh championship at brooms he is going really well and is turning alot of heads. kind regards
wendy and popeye   from swansea

Hi Chris,
Just thought Id drop you a quick email to let you know how Oscar is doing. We bought him from you at the beginning of April, he's the 16.2hh bay who you had only had over from Ireland a week or so (although we think he's more like 17hh). Well, now he has settled in wonderfully. You cant do anything until he's had a cuddle in the morning. He's got to new field mates who adore him and he's the boss of the field. His flat work is coming along nicely and he loves jumping. I'm hoping to take him X-country in the next few weeks. We did our first in-hand show a while ago to see how he behaved away from home and we couldn't fault him. He even came 4th in most handsome gelding out of about 25 so I was really pleased with that. Next season I'm going to start showing him in the hunter classes. I've attached a couple of pictures of us at our first show and you can see how his condition has improved. Thanks v much for finding my perfect horse.
Zoë Hamer


Just a quick line to tell you that Jinke ( now called Jinnee) and I are getting along really well together. I had her just over five weeks now and she has settled down extremely well, she is now best friends with our other horses and loves being out in field with them. I'm really happy with her, she is absolutely stunning, has a lovely nature, loves attention and is very patient with me and hopefully we are going to do some dressage competitions next year (when I've improved!). Many thanks for your help in choosing her, from Lynne

just a quick note to say Ryan has settled really well in his new home, me and my mum are really happy with him.
we plan to take him to the beach in the summer holidays ! its the month up and no going back he is progressing well in his schooling and jumping. and hes perfect for me thank you sarah & sue


Dear Chris
Just thought I'd drop you a line to say thankyou for being so honest about "Captain" who is now called Captain Kato (its a make of crane!!) when we brought him. I can honestly say that I would have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to any future customers. His character is just starting to show through (very kind and gentle - if a little impatient on the ground sometimes, but typical of a young horse), he is amazing out in traffic - think I could ride up the centre of a motorway & nothing would faze him, sometimes feel like a motorway here with some of the traffic we get!! 1 million percent to box, shoe and catch. His attitude to work in the school is second to none - all he wants to do is please & by god he'll pull out all of the stops to succeed in that!. I'm sure at some point in time we may hit a blip, but if we didn't, I think that would be more unnerving!.. Keep an eye out for him in the future.(H&H etc) - my instructor thinks he could go a long way (with me on? - not so sure!!).. Anyway, thanks again, and hope you continue to have many more thoroughly contented customers...Jacqui Albutt.


Dear Chris & Andrea,
Sabina has settled in very well to her new surroundings, we are taking things steady with her to give her time to strengthen up before going to some winter events. Thank you for making my first venture into buying a horse a trouble free and easy experience. I had been impressed by the website horses for sale section for some time before selecting some to view, when visiting the stud, the yard was immaculate and the condition of the horses viewed a credit to you both. Throughout the whole process, I received professional, knowledgeable and candid advice and was able to make a decision fairly quickly. Clearly, you only deal in quality horses and I wish you every success in the future. I will certainly keep in touch to let you know how she is progressing Best Regards, John Macklin,

Hello Chris,
Gemma and I thought we would just let you know how well Bix is getting on.We are so pleased to have him.He had a very good journey back with Warren to Liscombe Park where he has settled in perfectly. In fact, everyone loves him.Gemma has jumped him in a small show at Liscombe Park where they did really well together. We have both taken him on hacks which have been very successful, and I think Gemma and Bix have had good fun together enjoying some gallops.Gemma really enjoys looking after him and I hope that they have many happy years together.
Kind regards, Elaine.

Hi Chris and Angie,
Well its been 14 months now sinse we purchased Trinnie from you. Weve had ups and downs as does everybody, but mostly things have gone very well. Jenna has started to enter Trinnie into local shows and they are both doing great.Trinnie is very very happy, she has made good field and stable mates as she is so sociable friendly and kind, everybody loves her, and for jenna it has fulfilled a dream she didnt think was possable.Have attached a photo, not an exciting one but this one shows them both of very well, it was taken just before a show, where They would've been place but for a mistake by Jenna on the last fence, still I'm very proud of them both.Thanks once again Chris   Lorraine Burrows and Trinnie


Hi Chris,
So sorry it's taken me ages to let you know how Pepe's getting on but here is that long awaited up date. At the beginning of this month I moved Pepe to a new yard - much more suitable - he is getting the individual attention that he needs for such a young horse who is just at the beginning of his learning process. I intend for this year to be for schooling and introducing him to sights and sounds that he needs to become familiar with. Towards the end of August/September he will go to a show just to have a look!! Next year I hope to start his career in what ever field he seems to excel in. Anyway, let me tell you what an absolute delight this horse is - he has everyone falling in love with him because he is such a lovely sweet natured amimal who loves a cuddle, if there is anyone stood around anywhere in his vicinity he seems to have a way of forcing them to cuddle him - and yet another human falls under his spell. Pepe has matured lots in the short time I've had him standing at 17h 1in and I believe still growing!! He has also filled out and is becoming the stunner he promised to be when i viewed him at your yard. Well Chris it just remains for me to thank you for bringing Pepe and me together and I will keep you informed of our progress. All the best to you and your daughter, Sally x

Hi, Just thought I would drop you a line. We purchased Jed from you recently and now a month has passed and you are not having him back! He has been perfect in every way, excellent to handle and has come on immensely with his flatwork and jumping.Due to being ridden everyday(poor chap). He gets on very well with our other three horses especially our 13.1 mare they are always together, All four go out together in their own field, and we had no scraps at all. We had him vetted and he passed ok except that he is 15.2 and not 15.1h. We all love him and he is enjoying the fuss. I have sent a photo of him with our other gelding Spyder. Abbie changed his name to Archie and has dressed him in lilac,numna etc and he looks beautiful. We have stopped him running into and out of his stable, but Abbie still has a lot of work to do in the menage. Many thanks for finding us a perfect gent of a horse. Nick Montgomery.

Hi Ya Chris and Andrea,
Well, that's it, Month Over, and I would just like to say I feel very very happy and proud to own John. He settled in great from day 1, it's hard to believe he's been with me for just 5 weeks. After the initial 2 weeks, of putting myself under far to much pressure, I took my yard manager's advice (Yvonne) and just started to chill out and have some fun. John's temprement is second to none, I'm having lessons with him which is helping us both although I'm still bouncing around a bit, I'm trying to get used to his big stride, after having a 15hh pony, it came as a bit of a shock, but I'm making progress each day. We both enjoy hacking out and he looks after me so well, it's nice because he is so well behaved but still alert and inquisitive, if he sees something all he does is look, his feet don't go anywhere. He's very sensible and adores affection, when we get back from riding, he stands outside his stable for a relaxing groom, before bed, he loves it, he often has a little siesta while I'm busy brushing and fussing over him. He is also very vocal, I talk to him all the time, Yvonne said that one day he'll answer me back. The other day Yvonne gave me a lunge lesson on him, and I asked if she would ride him afterward so I could see what he could do with an advanced rider on board. WOW!!!!!.... that's how it should be done I thought to myself. He looked superb, his ears were forward, he was going beautifully, he looked like he was thoroughlly enjoying himself, It was really nice to see and it's given me loads of inspiration. Yvonne was impressed too, she hadn't ridden him before that! Well that's it really I will keep you posted in the future of our progress. BIG, BIG thankyou to you both! Liza & John xx.

Chris and Ang
Thought it was about time I updated you on Mr Ed! Who ever it was that named him knew him - that horse has an answer for everything, he is so vocal!!! Unfortunately he knows his own mind and we have had a number of battles (all of which I have won, much to his displeasure). Mr Ed is proving to be the most wonderful XC horse. I have taken him schooling 4 or 5 times to a couple of local courses, we have had discussions regarding water and ditches, both of which he now fly through and over with ease. We have competed in 2 XC competitions and he has done really well. On Sunday we competed in our first show jumping competition, we entered 2 classes and came home with 2nd and 5th places - I have the biggest smile on my face ever!!! Next on the agenda is to work on our dressage and then go out a win a couple of competitions. I am having the best time with this horse, thank you so much. Regards Michelle
ps - Mr Ed has grown over an inch in height since we got him last year and filled out considerably!


Dear Chris & Ang
As you know from when I very first contacted you I was incredibly sceptical about coming to a `dealer' to buy my new horse.  I had read nothing but horror stories in the usual mags over the years.  However your professional ads showing some real quality horses kept catching my eye and from that first phone call back in January here I am today with a beautiful new horse who I am absolutely delighted with and I thought you might like a testimonial to use in the future. I saw the Overa Farm Stud ad back in January showing 8 horses for sale.  This was the second or third time I had seen the ad running and although they were in Norfolk (a good 2 hours drive for me) I had to call as a lovely looking chestnut caught my eye.I contacted Chris and had a long chat on the phone, I had intended to ask a lot of questions and `sound her out' but the call seemed to go the other way! She did the asking and I have to admit put my mind at ease with her knowledge and confidence and very direct attitude. I travelled to Overa the following Saturday morning with my instructor Gail Lorence.  What started out to be a fantastic day turned into to one of the worst weeks ever.  With an open mind we arrived at Overa.  The yard was spotless the horses seemed very relaxed and happy and the facilities excellent.  We tried 3 horses all together but one stood out for me. This lovely big warm blood was handsome, genuine and with lovely paces.  After previously looking at 10 or so horses in my area that had all been twice the price and nowhere near the quality I was very impressed.  Chris & Ang were very busy with plenty of people viewing so we said a quick good bye and said we would call later.  We jumped in the car only to find it wouldn't start!  6 hours later and £235 poorer we arrived home on the back of a toe truck! My only concern was that the chap I liked was a big moving horse and at only 5 years old was I good enough to train him.  With that in mind Gail advised me to go back Sunday morning with her, her dressage saddle (in my car this time) and spend a little more time with him, me riding and Gail shouting at me (our usual daily routine)!!  As always Chris & Ang welcomed us and just left us to it. After 10 minutes I felt great, this horses's genuine attitude sold me and Gail loved his movement.  I drove home beaming from ear to ear!  I arranged the vetting first thing and it was organised for Tuesday afternoon.  Then disaster struck again.  Chris rang me Monday to say he was very lame; it turned out he had broken his leg in the stable and had to be destroyed.  I was devastated. Chris and Ang were beside themselves.  They too were devastated.  Chris called me several times which she certainly didn't have to.  We stayed in touch and 2 weeks later she told me to check the website and there was Odessy.  So off we set again with our plinky plonky (dressage) saddle as Chris calls it!  Gail an advanced dressage rider couldn't cope with Angie's stubbon jumping saddle and visa versa! I took one look at Odessy and fell in love!  This time all went well, the day of the vetting I kept very busy!  He passed the vet with flying colours and he came home a week ago Saturday.  I am loving every second.  I have had nothing but compliments about him! Overa also has a tack shop and have kitted me out with beautiful tack, rugs and necessities for half the price I would have paid at home.  Chris has taken a template of Ozzy and I am awaiting delivery of my new event saddle!  Talk about a one-stop shop!I would highly recommend Overa Stud farm to anyone.  What you see is what you get.  They are honest, upfront and good fun.  Thank you Chris and Ang for Ozzy I have waited five years to be able to afford to buy and keep my own horse so it's a huge deal for me and he is just perfect. Please feel free to pass my phone number to anyone who has the same reservations I did in the beginning! Kind regards  Jo Metcalfe

hi Chris
,just to say Popeye doing well ,won his last 2 outings at dressage his marks in the middle 70s, did his first championship and came 2nd 3rd and 6th and 16 overall im happy as muck,doing another championship this April ,fingers crossed it should be good.all the best
Wendy from Swansea


Hi Both
Thought I'd send you a quick update on the best horse ever - my gorgeous mare that I bought from you last April. She's doing great - really happy and everything I wanted in a horse!!  She's taken to hunting like she's been doing it all her life, and after a shaky start with ditches, she's banking them now!!  I've attached a picture so you can she how well she's looking - I've had her fully clipped now - she really looks the part! Thanks again. Liz


Hi to all at Overa!
I bought Soldier from you in October and he has settled in really well. Im so pleased with him! He is very cheeky and still very possesive over his hay and feed! He looks so evil when you go near him when he is eating, but he doesnt attempt to bite or anything! Bless him. He's riding well in the school and has lovely paces! Have just got used to his long stride! He felt huge the first few times I rode him, was so used to riding my little Domino! Horses are so different compared to ponies! When we do go out he has to eat everything in sight, bushes, trees even twigs. I do feed him, honest! He is in a field with my 13.3hh pony Domino and they get on really well. Domino is the boss though and its quite funny seeing a little pony bossing a 16hh horse about! Thanks again for all your help finding me Soldier, I love him to pieces, he really is a lovely horse! Hope you all had a nice Christmas, thanks for the card. Have a good new year! Love Louise MacDonald and Soldier!


To Chris,
I would just like to say a massive thank-you for finding me the perfect horse. He is hansom, fit, friendly, and very happy, and so far hasn't put a hoof out of line! I love spending time with him, he is a pleasure to teach and to be taught by, and I can't wait for the weather to get wamer so tht we can go out and win some shows together. I have got everything I wanted, and I would certainly recommend Overa Farm Stud, as it erases all the usual stress of buying a horse. Thank you again, I hope that you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I will send you pictures of us both soon.
Kind Regards Chloe and Todd


Hi Chris and Andrea,
I just thought I would let you know just how well Radlo is getting on! He really is doing so well, he is such a nice horse I am so pleased with him! He is well mannered and very good to ride. I've started having lessons on him now and working well as a team. Thank you so much for all your help in finding my perfect horse. Hope you both have a great christmas. Take care. Clare


Hi Chris and Andrea,
Not sure you will remember me...I bought Efir and Kes last Nov/ Dec (2003)...just thought I would give you an update. Both boys are doing well and look super. They are complete gents! Kes excels in dressage and is really coming on...he can be stubborn at times...but we are definitely getting there! Tim is hoping to Three day event Efir next May... and as previously promised...I will send you the video of that!!!!!!
I hope all is well at Overa Farm...hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Kind regards  Emily and Tim


Congratulations Overa Farm, Another superb horse,I am delighted with Anina, I have managed to eliminate the problem with her head, which was due to a problem in her back now she has been stretched and pummeled she has a lovely outline. We have all ridden her she is perfect on the road and in the school.  Thanks Mary Janes


Hi Chris and Andrea
Sorry it has taken so long to contact you. I bought Winnie (ID/TB) from you 2 years ago and took her up to the Shetland Islands. Winnie settled in so
well and now grows a winter coat to match any Shetland Pony! Winnie and I have had our ups and downs like any new partnership, however this is our first year competing and out of 3 competitions we came away with 2 red rossettes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you finding me my perfect horse and also for your complete honesty and expertise when selling her to me as she was the first horse I had ever bought. Regards Lisa


hi chris it's Sam
just to let you know that nicol is fine she now has 4 friends to play with and is proving to be a great horse. i'm doing dressage on her at the minute and she is brill. thank you for being so helpfull and giving us this great horse! i will send you a photo when i get my computer sorted as it is messed up!
thanks again sam


Hi Chris,
Finally got around to letting you know how Lucie is getting on for you comments page! She is, as you warned me, very green, and I have on occasion asked myself if I have been wise in purchasing a youngster, but she is a long term project for me rather than a horse that I can immediately take out and hack alone on and we are learning together. She loves people and can sometimes be a little too friendly; she also draws admiring glances from everybody who sees her as she truly is one of the prettiest horses around. I think she is all too aware of her charms and if she had a mirror would gaze in it for hours!! She has settled in really well and still has an ongoing love affair with Pilgrim which is mostly reciprocated, unless she is in season when he hates her, but in the main he cannot bear to be parted from her and they are really very sweet together. She is extremely hardy, lives out most nights and refuses to wear a rug (I bought her a beautiful pink one but she tore it to shreds!) and is also happy in her stable. She is a total clown, knocking over anything you put near her, investigating everything with her mouth, and stealing the farriers coffee!!! She was a dream to shoe incidentally. She is learning heaps in the school, and is a really lovely comfortable ride, although she still has a lot to learn. Anyway we are getting to know each other well and I love her to pieces, so thank you so much for finding her Chris. Linda


Dear Chris & Angie
Well after a very shakey start with Torro, I just thought you might like to know how he is doing. He has settled in well and is a favourite with the mares - a real ladies man!! We have been on long hacks alone and in company and for his age (4yrs) you really couldn't ask for a better behaved boy. I have a member of the Army's Kings Troop helping to school him and he has fallen in love with him and wants to event him next year when Torro has built up both his confidence and his strength - he is not at all fased by the tanks or tornado jets. He has had his first taste of jumping since he has been here and is already taking on 3ft. May not sound like much to some but for us, both learning, I think it is something we can be proud of. Anyway, I'll send you some photo's soon. I cannot recommend Overa highly enough to anyone (as you can probably tell by the others I keep brining to use your tack shop!) Take care for now, speak to you soon. Sheila x


Dear Chris,
We bought Fred from you about seven weeks ago, and this is just a quick mail to say Fred has settled in really well. He has put on lots of weight and has filled out. He really is a lovely character, and just as you described. He is very good to hack,but not a plod. He has no hang ups and is schooling very well and making good progress. Overall Fred(now called Oscar)is just right for me and I am very pleased with him. Thank you. Helen Smith

Dear Chris,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that Whizz is going great! He is such a cheeky character and my 2 year old son Dylan-Henry loves him to bits! Epecially when Whizz plays ball with him! :0) I had my knee reconstruction surgery 5 weeks ago and Whizz has been such a good boy for me.
Hope you are all well. Kindest regards  Annie Jolley

Hi Chris and Angela
I bought William from you back in June.( Chesnut DWB x TB). About a month after i got him he had an accident in the field and strained his back. Anyway after some intensive physio he is now back to full health and I have started riding him again. When he first came he was a little nervous but after a few weeks he was great. Considering he is only five I cant fault him. He is the safest horse I have ever ridden in the heaviest traffic. You would think hes fifteen. He has a fabulous jump and doesnt look at a thing. He works exceptionally well on the flat for his age. So far hes been clipped, had his injections and been proded and poked by the vet and hes been as good as gold. He would also load in to a cardboard box if I asked him to. He has a great personality too. We are entering our first dressage test in a few weeks followed by some indoor jumping and then we hope to do some eventing next year. Thanks for your help in choosing William. Hope everyone is well. Kind Regards Rachel

Hi Chris & Anigie
Governor has been fantastic! He's filled out quite a bit in the last couple of months and as I said he practically flew through his vetting back in April. We've moved to a livery yard so we can take advantage of a menage, show jumps and a cross country course (eventually!). He's working beautifully, with minimal tantrums although were still looking for an intructor wo match our characters! He adores jumping and is very sensible, giving older horses leads over 3ft fillers and we're currently edging towards 4ft...a little more balance and flatwork is needed first though I think! We've been busy hacking out alone and in company (had a few races, and his supermodel legs mean we always win outright and he has good brakes too!), he is a dream in traffic, I was deffinately the more nervous when we ventured out, nothing fazed him apart from the 'Slow' painted on the road! We have competed in 2"6' clear round jumping with only one pole down first time out and are going to a dressage event in late October. Anyway I am absolutely thrilled with him. Thank You! Megan

Hi everyone at Overa
We bought Strandel from you a few months ago, and I did promise to send you a photo of him. So here he is with me at home. It isn’t a very good one.
Strandel is wonderful and a pleasure just to be around, and when you describe your horses as big with a personality to match, you’re not kidding! I’m sure he’ll talk one of these days, he’s the best thing in the world after losing my 5 year old mare in March. Thank you Mel

Hi Chris
Thought it was about time I contacted you to let you know that I have the best horse in the world!!! Mr Ed is absolutely wonderful and having far too much fun with the other horses on the yard. So far the vet wanted him (flew through his 5 stage vetting) and then the back lady wanted him today (nothing wrong with his back either). Ed is putting on more weight every day and going out for lots of hacks. He is also becoming more and more cheeky. All the tack you fitted for him is great and I have cleaned it every day. I will be in touch again shortly.
Regards Michelle and the very long suffering Adam!


Hi Chris & Angie
I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how my beautiful mare Cally is getting on. I am so pleased with her - we are having so much fun! She's settled right in at home - bottom of the pecking order, but she seems happy! We discovered that she's got a Dutch Warmblood brand - seems I got a bargain! We've done a sponsored ride (see pic) and a few dressage tests - nothing spectacular, but the judges are really impressed with the way she moves....... We tried showing, and have come home with a few rosettes, but not planning a career in it - certainly not the ridden classes, as one judge got off her half way through and refused to carry on - I can't see why - she's a perfect lady for me!?! I'm getting my jumping confidence now, and we have done a few shows - went to Norton Heath EC on Monday & did 2'6" with only one fence down. She seems to really enjoy jumping, and really clears them! I'm getting her ready for hunting now - hopefully she'll take to that just as well as she has everything else. I am so pleased with her - I have really found my perfect horse - thank you!! Liz & Cally

Hi Chris well what can i say Oscar is perfect we went to our first show on Sunday he came 3rd in the ridden hunter/riding horse out of 10 also 3rd in the riding club horse out of 8,this included a jump a few stopped but Oscar flew it he is a real star so easy to do so good in the lorry he wasnt to keen on being plaited up but we got there he did look stunning,and rides like a dream he is the sort of horse you dont want to get off he is always up in front very forward going which suits me he is a vey loving horse who loves attention he is a real sweatheart,hope Angies not missing him to much thanks Cris regards Sue.

Hiya i know you have probably already guessed but i will be keeping Olli. Hes doing really well we have had some ups and some downs but we are getting through them. He has already put weight on and is muscling up nicely. I work him 6 days a week and we are both having lessons twice a week and are improving together which is really nice. I have also started hacking him out and hopefully we are going to try some jumps next week. He can be a bit stubborn sometimes and gets a bit possesive about food but thats a work in progress. Thank you very much for helping me choose him he's a star and i cant express how grateful i am. Thanks Caroline Shepherd.


As promised!!!! Only the in hand pics for now, ridden pics not digital - but a red rossette pic for you Chris! she also won 2nd ridden tack and turnout and 3rd novice rider....he lacks steering but we're getting there!  - and the red ribbon was for..............MOST HANDSOME GELDING! What a surprise! NOT! There must have been 15 geldings in the ring - judge barely loooked at any others, but when she got to Toffee she just dissolved coz he has cute factor x100! See her face though Chris - did you ever see a child so proud - Mum proud of both of them too - 
Best wishes and big big smiles from George and Toffee with their Red Rosette AND cup! Debs

Hi Chris
We got home safely and John has settled down really quickly - he is such a character and just wants to be with you the whole time!
Been for a hack with my daughter and on my own and he was fantastic - I just cant fault him - Thankyou for all your help and I almost cant believe he is so good, kind and just what I have been looking for for so long - thank you again. Will keep you posted -  Kind Regards Hayley
PS he is like a big dog!

Hi Chris
Just heard from my friend Beth Theobold today, she bought Kerry from you last year. She's over the moon with her and they are both doing their first dressage test in a couple of weeks time. Kerry took a little while to settle and has really given both Beth and her husband a lot of confidence (they both returned to riding after a few years break) to start riding again. She's down london way now but has really settled. My daughter Tania rode kerry earlier in the year and jumped her for fun over a 3ft 9 course - she'd only been there a month after she left Overa! Kerry was an impulse buy with Beth as she'd been talking about maybe buying and I'd mentioned your stud farm one look on the internet and we spotted Kerry one visit later and they were very 'nervous' first time owners but are now very elated owners so thank you for your help there:-) I've mentioned to Beth to send you a pic when she's gets some time & she'll prob send you an update for client comments - Hopefully next year I can buy an 'overa' horse as they all turn out so well. How is the pup now? Prob quite a big boy now as it's been 4/6 months since we last saw him as a puppy. Why not put a picture of him on your website and then the folks like us who visit and drool for now can see how he's growing up. Keep up the good work. Best Wishes Michelle Tracey

Hi Chris/Andrea
Hope things are going well for you both and that it's not to busy for you at the moment! It's been a while since my last visit to you at Overa when I brought Jeremy, so I thought it was about time I dropped you a line to let you know how he and his brothers(Mac and Cool Dude) are getting on. Firstly they are all great and have been a real pleasure to own they have the most superb temps and all get on like a house on fire. I think they must know that they have all come from the same place! Mac has excelled beyond our wildest expectations, he is a horse of a lifetime and we are so proud of him. He has grown from the small weedy 4 year old into a handsome chap that turns heads in his dressage. For the last two seasons we have BE evented him with huge success in two years he has been placed in most of his outings. He came 2nd last month in a PN and we will try some novices soon. We let you know his progress. We are really excited. Dude is just brill and we love him to bits when I asked you about him you said he loves jumping and he hasn't proved you wrong! He PN last year but didn't really take to the dressage, I think he found it a bit boring and knew what was to follow! Jeremy has taken time to gain confidence and we have taken it really slow with him. He has come on in the last six months no end and we feel that next year he will be turning heads. We have faith in him and think he now enjoys his work and gets less stressed. Will let you know how he gets on. I can't thank you both enough for providing us with three top class horses and no doubt when the time comes I will be up to see you again for another purchase. Take care Kim and Ian

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for Tango... he is a dream! When we came to Overafarm Stud we were made to feel really welcome by the relaxed attitude and feeling totally unpressured into buying anything. You advised that he was the horse for me and you were right. He was totally unfazed by the two and a half hour journey home, walked into the yard as though he had been there for years. Everyone loves him. We have already had some success in the four weeks including a dressage test and jumping at MK. I would like to say to anyone reading these comments, this is a totally genuine message and I would recommend Overafarm Stud to anyone. Thanks again. Tracey Hopkins

I am happy to report you won't be having Pas back!! Done very little roadwork but what he has done he was a good boy - walked past an onion grader yesterday!! He wasn't too happy about it but he just looks to me for confidence and then he's very brave bless him. Cars and tractors etc. are not a problem at all for him which is great as they're harvesting every field within spitting distance!! He's terribly settled now and really calm as he is a bit of a worryer - but I've moved Toffee right next door to him so they can nuzzle when I'm not there and this has helped him and he's now really cool and no weaving! He's a truly lovely boy - very touchy feely horse which I like and we're already very close - scared of his own shadow when he arrived but seems to take my word for things now and goes through life very bravely even if he's not feeling brave! Toffee is a very cheeky little man but we love him very dearly - done an awful lot of work on him and he's now going forward 100% better -he learns very quickly but pretends to forget very quickly!! He's realised I am not stupid and has given up the fight now - he and George are having a ball!!! Taking him to his first show on the 15th so lets hope you'll be getting the promised rosette picture!!! Many thanks Chris for all your help and patience - and many thanks for 2 lovely boys - even my Hub likes them and he's not a horsey man!! So many people have stopped as they've gone by and said how gorgeous they both are - again many thanks from George and I. Best wishes Debs

Just thought I would give you an update on how we are getting on with Tessco (who we have re-named Oscar). I would like to thank you for helping me find my perfect horse. He has been hacking out brilliantly both alone and in company. We have even managed a beach ride where we jumped some breakers and paddled in the sea! I have been having weekly jumping lessons which Oscar is enjoying loads, he has a brilliant jump! I have attached a photo for you to see, of me and Oscar in my lesson last week! Thanks again, Lianne

Hi Chris,
Many thanks. Minstrel and Mickie (Jean) are working well and I am extremely happy with Mickie as he jumping like stag - Andrea missed top class showjumper and likes crosscountry fences too - quite bold with new fences but trying to keep him to show jumping for time being. Still looking at web though.! kind regards  Dave Hall

Hi Chris,
After spending nearly 7 hours in the lorry and then being stabled for nearly a week, it was no surprise that I had somewhat of a shaky start with Ozzie. You could probably tell by my emails and phone calls I was near the end of my tether and thinking I would have to send him back. Well what can I say now!!! Ozzie is fantastic!!! He has settled in very well, we are riding out alone and in company and have started jumping small fences (he's got a lovely jump)  I couldn't want for a more perfect horse and my recommendations of you and Andrea do not come any higher. Thank you so much for finding me my perfect equine partner. Thanks again Jessica Mace - A very satisfied customer from Bristol.

Just a quickie to let you know I am delighted with Ranaja, thank goodness I listened to you. I havent competed yet but we are doing most things its amazing what she has taught me,Half pass, shoulder in and getting towards the pirouette stage but dont know if I'm as good as her yet.  Lovely to ride at all times, jumps all my small jumps with disdain and looking for more all the time. Safe in our heavy traffic, and a genuine good egg. Thanks to both of you for the encouragement  Regards Mary Janes

Hello Chris,
I would like to thank you for all of your help in finding us our perfect horse. The service that we received from you and your daughter was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend you. Joules has settled in very well and is proving to be a favourite on the yard. I have already taken her to her first show and she jumped a lovely double clear. She is schooling beautifully and I hope to start doing some dressage with her very soon. She enjoys to hack out and is a pleasure to handle and be around. I will keep you updated with her progress! Thanks Again, Natalie & Matthew

Hi Chris, just a quick note to say that Shanna is fantastic she has settled in as if she has been here all her life! and wow you were right she can half jump. she pops 4,6 for a laugh!!! her flat work is coming on well and she should be going to her 1st PLINKY PLONKY test next week. i will let you know how we do, she really is a super mare and very popular on the yard, hope you all keeping well, and hope to see you again in the not to distant future.
take care

''Thank you Overa for helping me find my dream horse! I would recommend you
to any one!''  and also a picture of me and Jimmy at our first show! Harriet Collett  

Dear Chris and Andrea.
Mortisha (Tish) has been with us a couple of months now and I cannot even begin to express how much we adore her! She's got all the wonderful traits I could only have dreamt of getting in a horse. She has settled into her new home and now finds it a little less exciting now than she did. We've taken things quite slowly, because of her initial high-spirits, and spent time lunging and long-reigning. I'm now riding her and things are going well so far. Every now and then she'll leap into the air and do a series of rolling-bucks, which look far worse than they feel! But this is done in fun - she doesn't have a bad bone in her body. I've found a great instructor who has helped me every step of the way and will continue with me to bring out the best in Tish. She's very excited for Tish's prospects and loves her character. Already Tish is showing off her lovely paces in the school, so my instructor is hoping we'll compete in a dressage test before the summer is out. I'd like to think we'll achieve this as I need to keep challenging Tish - she's so clever and picks up on things very quickly. She's filled out wonderfully on the good grazing and looks absolutely stunning! I'll send some photos in due course. Hope you are well and business is good. Best wishes, Emma Cornish.

Hi Chris
I found 'Josie' via an Advert in 'Horse' magazine almost 4 years ago, I cannot say how happy I am not only with the service given by both yourself and Angie, you are both exceptionally honest and nice people and would highly recommend purchasing from Overa Farm Stud. Josie is very happy with life and she will be with me for life! Thankyou. Alison Parfitt

hello its Amanda wardle, just thought I would write you a quick note about john. he has settled in really well and has fallen in love with my mare Storm they are inseparable he has had new shoes and got on very well with the farrier even better with his dog. we have ridden him out a few times and he has been very gd. I haven't yet got ne photos of him in his new home but when I get some I will send you some. thanks so much for a great horse!!!! Amanda wardle

Hello Chris,
I bought Helena ( now known as Lennie) from you on 25 th of may 04, She has settled down well and we are getting to know each other, and we have been out for a few short hacks on the common, as well as schooling and lunging .She is definitely the best horse I have ever ridden, and I love her to bits already!.Thanks Claire

Dear Chris,
just a line to let you know that we will be keeping Carrie, although I am sure you have probably guessed that by now! She traveled up beautifully, 5hrs in the trailer and settled immediately. I have sent her away to have her professionally schooled for 3 wks, long reining, lots of lunging to improve her transitions and response to the bit. Her steering was a bit hit and miss! Everyone who sees her thinks she is amazing for such a young horse. Her temperament is very laid back and relaxed. Dressage people tell me that with work we may have a star for the future. She is stunning in every way. I exercise her in a 12 acre field and though that might be tempting for some young horses to spook or take off, Carrie is just perfect. Hacking out is not bad at all. I haven't been brave enough to take her out on her own yet but she is brave for her age in company. Just to say thank you for all your help. Should you be lucky enough to get anything of a similar type in, then please let me know. You were right about going for something that I wouldn't get bored with!! She has also built up my confidence again. Many thanks Diane Herbert

Hi Chris and Angie nearly a year on... now heavily into jumping and Max is excelling! and I am improving!! We cannot tell you how happy we are with both him and you for finding him for us! hope you are both well?! and business is good (you deserve it to be!) hope to pop over and see you soon. David & Chris.

After viewing many horses the length and breadth of the country and finding them totally unsuitable or not as wonderful as their adverts stated.... I decided to find somewhere that had a good selection of horses in one place... I found the advertisement in one of the horse magazines for Chris's place and immediately went onto the Internet to have a look....I than emailed Chris and told her exactly what I was looking for in a horse and then told her the ones I liked the look of.... I arranged to view a couple of horses a few days later and ultimately ended up paying for Gregor in full on the night of my visit and arranging transport for him at the same time. That was five weeks ago now and we have not looked back since.... Gregor was everything he was described as. I have stayed in contact with Chris since, via email and telephone calls and she is always willing to give help and advice and does not just shut the door on you once you have bought a horse from her.... I cannot recommend Overa Farm Stud enough and look forward, to when the time comes, to go back to Chris for my next purchase.... In the meantime, I have a fantastic equine partner and cannot thank Chris enough for bringing us together....Michelle

Thank you Chris for being so helpful in finding me the horse which was right for me. I am absolutely thrilled with him, he is everything you said he was. I am enjoying him immensely and would recommend you to anyone. The service you provide is excellent, horses quality and expertise invaluable. Thank you again from a very satisfied customer. Deb Moor

Hi Chris
Just to let you know how Landgrafin (Trinnie) is doing, she seems well settled now and very happy, we feel very lucky to have found her so quickly. I just wish we had discovered you sooner!! Lorraine and Jenna Burrows

Dear Chris and Angie
Just a very quick note to say thank you both very much for matching us with Leoni. Both Lauren and myself are getting on fine with her, she is a real character, very vocal! Took her to  show on March 6th, she got a first in young handler and also 57.8 in her dressage score, not bad for the first time eh! When we get some photos will let you have some, just wanted to let you know all is going well and that leoni is absolutely brilliant! Jackie Read

You might remember the chestnut Latvian Mare - Artava - purchased from you last spring.  We had a busy year last year, she evented at Intro and PN going mainly double clear and I have just done my first ODE, she was 10th after dressage and went to go double clear like an old pro.She is also acquiring quite a fans club for her fabby temperament and ability to turn her hoof to most things in most environments from leading a pony on pleasure hacks to pleasure rides and even dressage to music and equitation jumping. I would certainly recommend your service as you listened to what I needed and pointed me to a suitable horse albeit that it has taken the past year of regular and high quality instruction to be good enough to uncover even 10% of her amazing talent. Louise Mitchell

Dear Chris
Just a quick note to say that Bella has been brilliant with us, we had a smooth journey home and she settled immediately, it's as if she's always been with us now. She gets on fantastically with my other mare, Megan, who is happy to have some company in the field now. I have ridden Bella in the school and have also hacked her out on her own and with a friend - she was impeccably behaved. My Partner David, has also hacked her our and has completely fallen in love with her, he's even taken to mucking out her stable which is a real bonus (Especially for me)!! Everyone at the yard has also fallen for Bella and she has even had compliments from other yards up our road, which is great. I haven't had the chance to take any decent photos yet, but as soon as we get out portraits taken I'll forward some to you!! Hope all is well, best wishes and thanks.
Lisa Mancuso

Dear Chris
Hannah and I would like to thank you for the opportunity of having the horse Tallulah, she has been ideal in giving Hannah the confidence and ability to go forward, qualifying for Trailblazers at Markfield and thereafter to Stoneliegh attaining 3rd place and at Kenilworth and Warwick County show where she attained 2 first places.........we hold out high hopes for our new purchase from you Clinton and would recommend your yard to anyone, in our opinion customers are able to purchase with confidence and received the personal touch from both Andrea and yourself. Many Thanks. Gillian, Ken and Hannah Barsby

Sorry it has taken me so long to send you an update on Poynt! We have been taking things pretty steady since he moved to us and he has now steeled and developing quite a personality! - only this morning he decided to empty the contents of grooming kit and throw them across the yard - yes 9 going on 4!! He is very playful in the field and has 3 other friends Dappy, Toddy and Kyle, who are regularly seen galloping around, play fighting and generally being total hooligans, he has eye for the ladies and his favorites are Twitch and Simone - he is an out rageous flirt and has already brought Twitch into season once! To ride out he is a gem, nothing phases him...well nothing that is potentially scary such as Lorries, tractors, Motorbikes, Trains etc, they can fly past him and he doesn't flinch, however, a dock leaf...........well of course that is the most frightening thing in the world and we have jumped 30 paces sideways and shoot forwards out of it's range!  We did some jumping this morning and he was loving it - my nerve is still a nightmare but whatever stride or angle he is at he jumps it anyway! I totally adore him, he is easy to do, a pleasure to be around just as you said, he has a home for life with us!!! Many Thanks again. Vicki and Marcus Copeland

Hi Chris
This is Chloe, I part exchanged Ben for a pony called Tegan with you a few months ago, just to let you know that I am really pleased with her - she is a gem and I have been doing lots of local jumping shows and long distance rides with her, and she is the easiest horse I have ever had! - you can do anything with her and she doesn't care! Many Thanks for all of your help - you were the only person that did just that!  Regards. Chloe Toner

Hi Chris & Angie
Hope things are going well?. Just to let you know that I have now had Ollie for 6 months and touch wood things are going well. I'm bringing her on slowly and she is enjoying her new home in Leicester. She now lives on a small livery yard with 7 other horses and her best friend is Kitty a 6 year old chestnut who's a TBxID. She goes out in the field everyday and loves rolling, but doesn't like baths very much the cheeky monkey! I took her to her first show last week so she could have a look. Just thought you might like to know what she has been up to! Many Thanks. Lyndasy Akiens

Dear Chris
You will have gathered by now that I am happy with Rudi and will be keeping him for good. The vet did think he was a bit stiff on his flexion tests but he has remained sound all of this time. He is quite a character and looking more handsome by the week. He is putting on weight and his coat is coming through black and shiny. He is very keen and willing to learn in his lessons so far, just the occasional spook and we're off!. I love him to bits and he is settled well with his new chums around the yard. Thank you for your time and patience. Kind regards. Liz McLure

Hi Chris
Just to let you know that Gratia is by far the best quality horse on the yard and I love it cos I can say she is mine when everyone is cooing over her!! - I will keep in touch Chris, many thanks for all of your help. Clare Cross

Well That's it! Month Over!. Thank you so much for finding Max, he's still great and we are enjoying every minute! Everybody that sees him loves him. He is such a sweetie and yet really good fun. A lady called Alison who lives for horses, is trying to find a suitable horse and will be contacting you. Thanks again. David and Chris

I brought Owen from you nearly a year ago, do you remember him?, He is doing very well, have done some jumping with him which he loves and also some dressage, he came 2nd in the prelim group and 5th & 6th in the novice group. I am still very happy with him, life just wouldn't be the same without him - thanks again for all of your help in the purchase of Owen. Dawn Gale.

Hi Chris
Thankyou so much for all the help and support you gave me. Just had to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with Luke (Renamed Murphy - not very original I know). He is everything and more that I hoped I would find to replace the sad loss of James. Good luck in the future, very best wishes. Gill Geeson

Dear Chris
Just A little note to say many many thanks for all of your help and understanding over the last few years in finding both of my children the perfect horse - we as a family have had many happy times thanks to you helping us find the perfect partners. The Costello Family

Dear Christine,
I don't know if remember us, we brought Popyeye from you in February, my mum told you he fractured his leg, well now everything's well and I enclose some photos to show you how he is getting on. On his first outing he was 6th in prelim 7, on his second outing he was 2nd in prelim 10, then qualified for the championship and came 8th out of 38 in only his 3rd time out! This was at 'Oldencraig' Equestrian centre. We are training with Vikki Thompson the British Champion and hope to affiliate next year.......look out for him, his show name is 'The Main Man'.....Charlotte Creton

Dear Overa Farm
Jessie has settled in lovely, she has made lots of friends and progressing extremely well in her schooling and jumping, she really enjoys going for long hacks and cooling off in the sea. We have been to a couple of shows and played part of the college teams in gymkhana, I couldn't have asked for a better horse, we have given each other confidence in different areas. Jessie is my dream horse, extremely pretty and always willing to go that little bit extra. Thankyou for finding me the perfect horse! Nicola Knight