We're a family owned business specializing in the design, production and distribution of equestrian footwear, country boots, yard and safety boots, chaps, gaiters, gloves and socks.

We continuously ensure that our products meet our stringent quality and safety standards.

We are proud to say our leather boots are European made.


Tuffa Berkshire Hunt Boots

Tuffa Derby Boots

Tuffa Showtime Boots

Tuffa Jubilee Childrens Boots

Tuffa Breckland Wide Calf Boots

Tuffa Country Rider Boots

Tuffa Sandown Boots

Tuffa Spartan Safety Boots

Tuffa Clydesdale Yard Boots

Tuffa Connemara Jodhpur Boots

Tuffa Dartmoor Easy Rear Zip Boots

Tuffa Morgan Zip Fronted Boots