Grooming equipment including Oster, stubben, etc.

A range of brushes and other grooming sundries including the NEW oster range, stubben etc.etc.

LeMieux CloseShave

Wahl Hoof Pick

Stable Kit Shedding Blade / Sweat Scraper

Belvoir Saddle Soap Bar

Lincoln Microfibre Grooming Sponge

NAF Leather Saddle Soap

Wahl Rubber Curry Comb


Wahl Face Brush

Wahl Mane & Tail Brush


LeMieux Hippo Brush

NAF Hoof Oil

NAF Leather Neatsfoot Oil

NAF Leather Soft Saddle Soap

Lincoln Shampoo Brush


Belvoir Tack Cleaner Spray

Stübben Stübben Glycerin Saddle soap 500g


Mark Todd Competition Silk Detangling Spray

Wahl Soft Body Brush

Wahl Stiff Body Brush


Wahl Combo Show Brush

Mark Todd Bright White De-Staining Shampoo

LeMieux Hippo Mitt

Lincoln Ultimate Brush


Belvoir Tack Conditioner Spray