Simultaneous testing using Pliance pressure mapping and Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis gives Vanessa a unique cause and effect insight enabling her to accurately assess and develop her products from a horse's point of view.

Vanessa works with Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics and Mark Fisher, who operates Pliance testing (measuring how saddles distribute pressure across a horse's back) for the BEF and the Society of Master Saddlers. Russell's gait analysis camera records 300 frames a second - approximately 25 times faster than the human eye - and these images are then fed through a computer programme that processes them, captures the data and provides information on joint and limb angles.

"Using technological testing when I am developing saddles enables the horse to tell me exactly how every design change actually impacts on pressure and freedom of movement," Vanessa explains. "It removes all subjectivity and any improvement in performance can actually be recorded and measured. When I am testing a design alteration I want to know exactly what effect it has on limb extension and joint flexion".

Building on her knowledge gained during the development of what has become known as "Britain's Secret Weapon" - the Fairfax Performance girth - Vanessa has been focusing on developing dressage and jumping saddles that will improve performance to the extent that the Performance girth has already improved movement.

The Fairfax Performance Girth is something completely new. By contrast with the all the testing and knowledge accumulated on saddles and saddle-fitting, there is really very little on girths and girthing. Until now.

Increases the horse’s performance by:

• Dramatically reducing pressure 
• Significantly increasing range of movement 
• Eliminating gait asymmetry

The only girth to have been tested during its development in conjunction with the BEF World Class Programme

During squad training, Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis was used to test the effect of the girth on the horse's performance.

"We recorded up to 33% improvement in forelimb protraction and general range of motion of every elite horse we tested” *

*results were compared to the horse's own girth

Please note there is a 10% re-stocking fee payable on all returned saddles

 Please note that limited saddle stock is held, products may need ordering and may take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Spare Gullet Bars (R Bar)

Measuring and Fitting the girths

The Performance Girth - Fairfax Dressage Girth FGIDRESS

The Performance Girth - Fairfax Dressage Narrow FGIDRESSNG

The Performance Girth - Fairfax Event Girth FGISHORT

The Performance Girth - Fairfax Event Girth Narrow FGISHORTNG

The Performance Girth - Fairfax Short Stud Girth FGIXCSTUD

The Performance Girth - Fairfax Long Girth Narrow FGILONGNG

The Performance Girth - Fairfax Long Girth FGILONG

The Performance Girth - Fairfax Long Stud Girth FGILGSD

Fairfax Rio Headcollar