Gatehouse Safety Riding Hats

The expertise of Gatehouse has been at the forefront of development over the years, producing riding hats that is non-bulky, lightweight, comfortable and competitively priced. Your safety is our priority. We have pioneered some major changes in headwear safety in recent years and are proud to be recognised by the British Standards Institute for consistency and high levels of test results. The extensive range means there will be a hat which will suit your needs whether you are having fun or competing at the highest level.

The riding helmet range includes the HS1 Jockey Skull which is the only helmet in the UK to pass both British Standard Institute tests as well as Snell E2001. Snell E2001 is the highest manufactured equestrian safety standard in the world and includes a test that simulates a rider falling into a fence rail, or having a secondary hit by a horse’s hoof.

Our riding helmet range has styles and standards to suit all tastes and budgets and covers all different riding disciplines


Hat Fitting Size Guide

Gatehouse HS1 Jockey skull

Gatehouse Jockey Skull 4 Kids

Gatehouse Volare Riding Hat

Gatehouse Conquest MKII Riding Hat

Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro Matt

Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro Suedette Crystal

Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro Suedette

Gatehouse Challenger Riding Hat Suede


Gatehouse Air Rider MK II

Gatehouse Jeunesse Velvet Riding Hat

Gatehouse Jeunesse Glitter Riding Hat

Gatehouse RXC1 padded Inner Liner

Gatehouse Challenger Padded Inner Liner

Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro Liner

Gatehouse Air Jacket Navy