For lunging, schooling, fitness work, turnout & competition…

Top riders trust Prolite to:
1. absorb impact
2. eliminate pressure points
3. help prevent rubbing

Keeping a competitive edge means leaving nothing to chance. When you need equipment that works as hard as you do, that performs under pressure and delivers results every time, you can count on the 3-in-1 benefits of Prolite.

This flexible, cushioning layer protects during the most rigorous activity and maximises comfort to allow your horse to relax and concentrate on the job in hand. A problem solver and a preventative measure, Prolite has a place on every busy yard.

Developed, tested and endorsed by professionals, it’s the intelligent answer to the demands of equestrian sports today. Boost your performance – make Prolite part of your team.

Prolite Sizing Guide

Prolite Long Girth

Prolite Short Girth

Prolite All in One Numnah

Prolite All in One Saddlecloth

Prolite Multi Riser Pad Adjustable

Prolite Tri Pad

Prolite Pressure Relief Pad Dressage - Wide


Prolite Pressure Relief Pad GP

Prolite Pressure Relief Pad | Thin | GP | Wide


Prolite Front Riser Pad - Fixed

Prolite Riser Pad | Front | Adjustable


Prolite Rear Riser Pad - Fixed

Prolite Riser Pad | Rear | Adjustable


Prolite Saddlestay Pad

Prolite Seat Saver

Seat Saver

Prolite Wither Pad


Prolite Wither Pad - Adjustable

Prolite Roller / Surcingle Pad

Prolite Bridle Cushions

Prolite Tail Guard

Tail Guard

Prolite Pastern Wrap

Prolite Closed Front Tendon Boots

Prolite Open Front Tendon Boots

Prolite Hind Event Boots